EmojiType replaces relevant characters with Emojis

For Emojis fan, the text is certainly not enough to make their conversations interesting. They need an emoji in every conversation and to insert certain character emojis, you will have to find them in the Emoji Keyboard. To make things easier for Emojis fans we have a tweak for you. EmojiType is a new jailbreak tweak for all the Emojis fans out there. EmojiType is a new jailbreak tweak that replaces the certain text characters with emojis. Continue reading


iCleaner is the first real iOS system cleaner

Are you looking for an iOS System Cleaner? Look no further as we have got the first real and the best iOS system Cleaner for you. iCleaner is a Jailbreak tweak that is a System Cleaner and allows you to remove all types of unnecessary from your iOS device easily just like you can do on Android devices. Continue reading


Remove FaceBook Stories with NoMoreFBStories

Stories are one of the new features that are now on almost every famous Social Media such as Instagram, Facebook etc. This feature is inspired from Snapchat and it allows you to share your video clips and photos with your friends for 24 hours after which they will disappear.

Inspired from Snapchat, Facebook also introduced these stories into their Mobile Apps. Stories are fine on Instagram and Snapchat but on Facebook, they are kinda annoying. If you want to get rid of annoying Facebook stories then you can easily do it with the help of a new Jailbreak Tweak called NoMoreFBStories. Continue reading


Remove Jailbreak and start fresh with Eraser

When you are an on jailbreak iPhone then there is always a chance for something going wrong that can be fixed by either restoring your device by using iTunes or a certain Jailbreak tweak. It could be due to some corrupt files, a malfunctioning jailbreak tweak or you just want to start fresh. Cydia Eraser was a tweak that was used to restore your device but now for iOS 9 and 10 devices Cydia Eraser is not available but don’t worry we have got you covered as Eraser is a perfect alternative to Cydia Eraser for iOS 9 and iOS 10 Jailbroken to un-jailbreak them. Continue reading


AirplaneModeNotif notifies you about Airplane mode with a banner

Are you annoyed by the intrusive alert that pops up whenever you are on Airplane Mode and doing something? Well, you are not alone. Many people hate this alert and are annoyed by it. If you want to remove this annoying alert and want something else that notifies about Airplane Mode then you should try out a new jailbreak tweak called AirplaneModeNotif. Continue reading


Toggle between Proxy Servers easily with ProxySwitcher

Some people when using the Internet, they use a Proxy Server to keep their Internet Privacy as nowadays many companies can spy on us when we don’t use a proxy server so, to maintain their privacy and protect their data, they use proxy servers. Although using a proxy server is a big headache but if you are one of the users who use Proxy Server then you should try out a new jailbreak tweak called ProxySwitcher. Continue reading

Gorgone brings SplitView and the SlideOver Features on the Unsupported Devices

Are you a fan of the SplitView and SlideOver Features which are available in iPad Pro? Well, you can get them now on unsupported devices with the help of Gorgone. Gorgone is a Jailbreak  Tweak that gives you the option to enable the SplitView and the SlideOver Features (like in the iPad Pro) on the Unsupported Devices. Continue reading


Use spotlight search to get an Uber/Lyft home – Get Me Home

Get Me Home is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to get an Uber or Lyft Home by just using Spotlight Search. Within seconds, you will be able to get an Uber or Lyft easily just by using the spotlight search. The tweak uses certain phrases which initiate the process of getting an Uber or Lyft home. Continue reading