Get Classic Notifications with Classic(Jailbreak Tweak)

Apple completely revamped many things in iOS 10 and Notifications are one of them. The new look of the iOS 10 Notifications is very lovely and good looking. Many people loved this new look of the notifications and were glad to see this change but there are some people who like the vintage look of the iOS Notifications.

For people who like the old look of iOS Notifications, there is a jailbreak tweak called Classic which brings back the old look of iOS Notifications. Continue reading


HideMeX is the best tweak for the customization of your device

Customization is the basic reason why the iOS device users jailbreak their device. After jailbreaking their device, they are able to customize their device the way they want to. For customization, certain jailbreak tweaks are developed which allow you to customize each aspect of the iOS. HideMeX is another customization jailbreak tweak. HideMeX is a complete iOS Customization tweak with none like it before. Continue reading

SCOthman Tweak

SCOthman For Snapchat supercharges Snapchat with new features

There are many jailbreak tweaks that are made for Snapchat that enhance its usability and add some new great features to the Snapchat as to improve its performance and give the users full access to the application. SCOthman is another jailbreak that is developed only and only for Snapchat and its functionality is better than the other tweaks that are designed and developed for Snapchat. Continue reading


Get iOS 11 like Passcode Buttons with Creamy

Apple revamped many things in iOS 11 that they announced at WWDC and Passcode Buttons are one of the things that Apple redesigned in iOS 11. The Passcode Buttons of iOS 11 are very beautiful and better than that of iOS 10. The Passcode Buttons look very much better and suit the Lock Screen Interface.

A new Jailbreak tweak called Creamy changes the iOS 10 Passcode Buttons and replace them with the new iOS 11 Passcode Buttons Continue reading