Tutu Helper

Download TuTu Helper App

Tutu Helper is an app which is the best among all the free installers available in the marker. TuTu Helper makes it easy to download all of your favorite apps without any root or Jailbreak. TuTu Helper can be used with any iOS device or Android device without jailbreak or root so, it can be used on any device by anyone.

TuTu Helper is updated on regular basis so, the content on it is always new. You can quickly search for the app that you are looking for. Continue reading

Movie Box

Download Movie Box iOS 9, iOS 10 – NO JAILBREAK

You might have heard the name of a popular app called Movie Box. Movie Box is one of the best apps that are available for free which allow you to watch movies, TV Shows and other TV programs from anywhere in the world using your iPhone. The app contains all the latest Movies and TV Shows and is updated on regular basis. These Movies and TV Shows are available in best HD resolution.

As Movie Box provides us Continue reading


Download Spotify++ on iOS 10 – No Jailbreak

Spotify is one of the best music streaming provider alongside Apple Music and Google Play Music. If you have used the free plan of the Spotify then you would know it has a lot of music content available but along with that some other content that is not Music.

Along with that, adverts are shown after a few songs that is very annoying and most users don’t like it as it interupts with their Music Album or Playlist. You probably would have thought about upgrading to Spotify Premium Continue reading


Spotify Music Premium APK Download

Spotify is one of the best Music providing services in the world. Spotify gives you full access to a whole another world of music. With Spotify you can listen to your favorite artists, albums, and create your own playlists of your favorite songs.

There are over thousands of songs available that you can listen to and enjoy and even put them in your own playlist. If you want to discover new music then Spotify Music is the app for you. Continue reading